News . . . As of January 2021

For the last three years, I have been working on three projects; The Condor and The Eagle, a memoir, Never Mind What’s Going On In This House, a novel, and a children’s book, The Ice cream Tree. All are in various stages of completion, with hopes to finish the latter two this year, 2021.

The Condor and The Eagle, is about my travels to Peru in which a medicine man gave me blessed water to return and blend with Native American water. This act is to assist in the 500 year prophecy of the condors and eagles meeting again to progress human-kind. I have reworked this book and plan on doing more re-writes. It is not where I want it yet.

Never Mind What’s Going On In This House, is a fictional story of the lives of four sisters, growing up in an emotionally unstable home in rural Rhinelander, Wisconsin, in the 1940’s, to only then play out their distinct and conflicted roles as they care for their aged mother in 1974. I have always been fascinated in how people growing up in the same household have such different views of their home experiences and turn out to be such different people from the same family. This is three-fourths written.

The Ice Cream Tree, is a poetry book for children and the adults who read to them, along with pen drawings to accompany each poem. This has been so much fun! This is one-half done, with eighty poems the goal.

Stinky Feet (first two stanzas of five)

William Hitchcock Gerald Pete
My brother, who has stinky feet
Says he, I can’t smell what you claim reeks
Says me, Keep away them stinky feet!

His shoes do hide inside them feet
But once he’s home sits on his seat
Plucks off his shoes, he’s not discreet
Keep away them stinky feet!