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Lynne Carol Austin lives in Waukesha, Wisconsin, with her husband. She has four grown children who surround her with love and continue to be a source of delight. Lynne has been writing all her life, poetry, short stories and now books, along with a lifelong pursuit of artwork. She draws from her life experience as a registered nurse, spiritual teacher and holistic practitioner for twenty-five years at the Gayatri Center for Healing, from 1990- 2015.

Lynne has been published in a variety of professional Wisconsin magazines, along with an online poetry presence in Blue Heron Review and numerous short stories for The Inner Voice. She wrote a feature chapter in the book, The New Healer, Minds and Hands in Complementary Medicine, by Dr. Barbara Stevens Barnum. Short story in The Main Street Rag Literary Magazine. She has a C.D. called Earth Spirituality-Spiritual Storytelling, 2000, three children’s books, Edith Ann Marie, The Sun Is In My Heart, 2010, and Francine and Hazel, 2015, published by Wise Wind Press. And children’s book Tell me A Story, Mama-Little Berry And Mama Bear, 2015, published by Black Rose Writing, who also published her novels, Ten of Swords, 2014, and Gull Soup, 2018.

“I love writing for all ages. Since children are our first seekers, I enjoy connecting them to the natural world. The earth grounds us and keeps us steady on the path we have chosen. The sun warms our hearts and teaches us to open to the comfort of love. The water cleanses our body, releasing heaviness of life. The wind shows us how to let our voices sing out words needed to be spoken. I write to bring a wholesome quality along with wisdom into the storyline.

When I write for adults, I’m trying to awaken one’s spirituality and innermost depths of the human mind, qualities that bind us together. My design is the reader will experience the characters at a level of learning with them, while the characters navigate through the story. Giving back has always been important to me. I hope my stories give a sense of encouragement and enlightenment, along with widening the reader’s horizon.” Lynne Carol Austin

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