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Chidren's Books

Chidren's Books

Edith Ann Marie, the sun is in my heart


Edith Ann Marie The Sun is in My Heart


We are pleased to present the first published work of Lynne Carol Austin, guaranteed to be kept in your private collection for years to come! In this chapter book, you are welcomed into the lives of grandmother and granddaughter as they interact and experience life together, leaving the reader with a sense of sweetness and joy.

Edith Ann Marie was written out of the memory of her loving relationship with her grandmother, Lena.

Edith Ann Marie fills every page with her wonderment of the world through the eyes of a young child. Grandmother echoes her vast knowledge of living in her gentle lessons and reminders, as we wander through the pages of their lives. “Grandma says her heart is full of love for me and she hugs me a lot. A lot of times, she hugs me when she answers my questions. She says the answers stay inside me better when she hugs me at the same time.” Sister, with her rude ways, adds a spark of confusion in Edith Ann Marie’s life. “My sister wears glasses. I wonder why she can’t see the things I see. I thought glasses would help her to see what I see. But when I ask her, "Do you see that cloud that looks like a cat?’" She says, "No, that’s stupid!’"And when I say, "Look at that ant carry that big bug. How can he do that?" She steps on the ant. "Why don’t those glasses help her to see so she won’t step on that ant?" Grandma hugs me and says, “Putting glasses on, Edith Ann Marie, doesn’t always help us see clearly. Some people need glasses for their hearts.”

Parents and grandparents will enjoy themselves as they read this book to their child. The moral lessons in this book give the parent and child the opportunity to discuss the meanings and how it applies to their lives. The art work, created by the author, is in the manner of collage and is three dimensional, which can be detected in the photos on the pages. Material, pastels, hand-made paper and acrylics were used.

Wise Wind Press welcomes you to The Sun is in My Heart…An Edith Ann Marie Story. Wise Wind Press is an independent book publisher covering books that expand and encourage children to connect to the world of possibilities, and remind each child of our loving connection to the earth and each other.

Click HERE to read reviews of Edith Ann Marie The Sun is in My Heart

Wise Wind Press

"Edith Ann Marie captures the wisdom of the ages in a format relevant to children today…Beautifully mixed-media illustrations cement Grandma’s philosophy that wisdom is found by observing the world with all your senses. Children who are introduced to Edith Ann Marie by an adult will surely agree." Stacey Hillmer, author of An Armadillo on My Pillow

"This is a heart-warming story that flows with Grandmother’s gently stated wisdom while she embraces life questions of Edith Ann Marie. As the dialogue between Grandmother and Edith Ann Marie expands, the importance of listening, trusting feelings and loving in relationships is emphasized. There are plenty of take-away prizes from this insightful read that are sure to add vibrant threads of wisdom to the fabric of your life." - Dr. Jeff Hollowell Ph.D

"Thank you so much for the beautiful gift of love, kindness, compassion, sweetness and authenticity that your book is. Our world needs these stories and I’m so glad your book is here!" - Barbara Techel, author of Frankie the Walk ‘N Roll Dog

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