Welcome from Lynne Carol Austin

I invite you to stop for a moment and enter our world of books. Books are not merely entertainment. They reach us as old friends who smile warmly, inviting us in for a cup of hot chocolate, saying, “Take off your shoes, relax, and have a seat.”  As we sit in a big overstuffed chair, they wrap us in the old worn blanket of unconditional love and warmth, melting away the chill of the world. They meet us where we are and gently say, “I have more for you to learn,” or they rap loudly at the door, saying, “Let me in! Now is the time to change!”  No matter where you are in life, books are the gift we give ourselves. They are our brownies of words and our warm soup for the heart.  And as we go through the emotions that books offer, isn’t it wonderful that they teach us how to think, feel, touch, taste, and hear the world. We invite you to enter into our world of books with sweet anticipation. Let the wise wind sing you a gentle song, enticing you to stay. I can’t think of a better place to be.


Lynne Carol Austin